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CsvToVcfConverter open-source csv to vcf contacts converter

CsvToVcfConverter is a free open-source software to convert your contacts stored as csv to vcf. Currently it's only available as applet on this homepage but the source code will be uploaded to sourceforge and also offer a command line interface.

What is it needed for?

I switched my operating system from Windows to Linux some time ago. Afterwards I needed to replace my Nokia E75 cell phone and got me an LG Optimus L7 II instead which runs on Android. As I have lots of contact data I didn't want to transfer it manually. Unfortunately there is no option to transfer them directly from Symbian (Nokia's former operating system) to Android. Additionally managment software for your cell phone is hardly available for Linux.
You can synchronize your phone via third parties but I felt uncomfortable sending my contacts to places that I can't control. Furthermore one can set up a groupware solution but I couldn't get Funambol to run properly and horde was a bit over the top in my eyes.
Luckily Android already is able to import contacts from vcf vCard files. Unfortunately you can only export them from Nokia's PC suite (or Outlook Express) as csv. So I needed a converter. Actually there are some available but all I could find were for Windows, lots of them were commercial and quite some simply didn't work as expected. Do I decided to write my own converter and although it took rather some time it still was the quickest solution for me.

How does it work?

Before you can start the conversion process you need to export to contacts first. I still needed a Windows computer for this task. Installed Nokias Suite. Afterwards I connected my Nokia phone clicked on "Contacts<--!(Kontakte)-->", marked all of them e.g. by clicking on one message and pressing ctrl+a, clicked on "File" and then "Export". In principle you can first export the data to Outlook express and export them from there but I lost some details during that process. I used a USB stick to copy the resulting csv file to my Linux computer. Sending yourself an Email will also work.
CsvToVcfConverter uses a dictionary file that allows to translate tags used in csv files. Afterwards it can write all data to a vCard file that Android can import. You can download a basic file below:

As I wrote it only for myself it may not understand the language used in your csv file. The program will tell you what it does not understand. Furthermore will it show you a piece of code. You need to copy it and paste it to the dictionary file at the section that fits best. I did not implement the complete vCard format as I didn't need it. So if you can't find a proper section it may indeed not exist yet. Simply drop me a line and I will se whether I can implement it.
To convert the contacts to a vCard file your android phone understands enter the the path and name of your input csv file to the first filed. Path and location of your dictionary file need to be entered into the second field. The resultin vCard file's path and name have to be put into the last field. Finally click the "Convert!" button. This will create a new vCard file at the specified location.
I simply sent my self an email with the file attached and opened it on my Android phone. Store the attachment on the phone itself. Just opening it directly fromt the email client may not work properly. Afterwards open the phone contacts, open the settings menu, select import and choosed the vcf file.

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