Using YouTube annotations to link to social media sites

Multiple videos on Youtube use annotations to link to their social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Currently the direct option is only available for some very big channels. Most users are stick to link to their G+ profile. Fortunately there is a work around.
You can still use annotations to link to your own associated homepage. As follows you need your own homepage and you need to associate it with your YouTube channel on To get the job done on your website you set up a new empty page. Its only purpose will be to link to your social media site. Simply upload a logo that represents the site you want to link to to your webspace and make it a link to your social media site. This can be done by adding the following code anywhere between the body tags (adjust paths and file names).

Join me on Facebook:<br>
  <a href="">
    <img src="imagefolder/facebook.gif">

Note that theoretically you could insert an automatic redirect but this is not allowed by YouTube's rules.
Now go to your video manager, click on the edit button and go to the annotation tab. Choose to add an annotation. I like to use the spotlight type and place it over the icon I have rendered into the video before upload. Enable the checkbox at the link option and choose to make it a link to your associated website. In the following add a link to your created website. Save the annotation and publish it.
Viewers who click on that annotation are then led to the homepage you created and find their way to your social media page by clicking on the icon.
The method also works for any other social media page like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or whatever you can think of.